KFour Metrics has evolved over 3 decades of focused development. Beginning in 1994, the goal was always to be at the forefront of emerging technology. The foundation was laid starting with Krittika Software Pvt. Ltd., an engineering design company based in Hyderabad. Krittika Software provided engineering services and training in 3D CAD and CAE training, and distributed MCAE software for (what was then) SDRC. The product-line grew to include Unigraphics / NX, Solid Edge, HyperWorks and Ls-Dyna, before we sold Krittika Software and started KFour Metrics.

We believe analysis, design, implementation and evaluation are the cornerstones of engineering. Our strategy has always been to focus on niche technologies: KFour Metrics is a result of this focus.

Technology was - and still is - growing at a rapid pace. Learning the practice and implementing the theory of engineering design solutions is a tough challenge for job seekers, job holders and companies investing heavily in research and development. KFour Metrics developed self-learning digital and hard copy teaching-aids for fresh graduates and working professionals on CAE. A series of books covering topics like CAE and Design Optimization, CAE and Multi Body Dynamics, CAE for Simulation and Metal Forming, Managing the CAE Process and many more were conceptualised and published. These contain theoretical reasoning and workbooks with sample projects for practical applications using Altair's HyperWorks and Simulia's Abaqus.

With our focus on the defence and aerospace sectors, we sought to partner with companies that had a similar set of values and provided solutions to technology challenges. KFour Metrics is now the sole distributor in India for

  • Pointwise, whose grid generation software (earlier known as Gridgen) is solving the top problem facing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) today - reliably generating high-fidelity meshes

  • Sculptor, the family of products that provides real-time morphing technology for a wide range of 3D models including STL, point clouds, CAD data, and analysis mesh data

  • Tecplot, whose suite of CFD visualization and analysis tools can handle large data sets, automate workflows, and visualize parametric results.

We're a partnership firm located in Hyderabad, India. Click here for more on the principal partners.

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