A suite of leading edge simulation tools delivering fast, repeatable and predictive results, rapidly answering the ‘What ifs’ in a timely and cost effective manner – reducing the requirement for expensive hardware testing across existing and new clean combustion fuels.



Fast, predictive results for 1D CFD engine modelling and FE mechanical / thermal analysis

Intuitive Tools

A suite of software tools that can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes and eco-systems, to help solve problems on the journey to net zero emissions through technology exploration and innovation. Created by world-class engineers, developers, industry experts and technical consultants with over 30 years of experience, expertise and industry know-how.

Reducing Time And Cost

Software to model all major propulsion technologies, reducing the requirement for expensive hardware testing. Facilitating design and calibration programmes, supporting clean combustion fuels, sustainable powertrain systems, efficient vehicle transmission and optimised hybrid internal combustion/electric solutions.

Managing Complex Designs

Leading-edge simulation software allowing users to quickly and accurately create, analyse and optimise complex physical systems - from initial concept to final design. This enables customers to reduce R&D costs and bring products to market faster, with confidence.

Solutions from Realis Simulation

If you’re a Realis Simulation (formerly Ricardo Software) user in India who hasn’t heard from us yet, do drop us a line.


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KFour Metrics offers technology solutions for engineering design, simulation and optimization.




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