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Transmagic has the ability to open, view and query any major 3D CAD format in the world. It helps you to translate CAD models to polygonal, neutral and native formats. Automatic repair capabilities help deliver a water tight solid.

It can also Publish 3D PDF with PMI views intact for easy and clean communications.

Use MagicCheck to compare revisions so you know exactly what changed before you cut steel.  

World-Class 3D CAD Translation, Repair and Comparison

Reduce Cost

A seat of TransMagic can often substitute for the CAD software you are using to read, view and write to diverse CAD formats, saving on training, licensing and maintenance costs.

Restore Design Intent

Convert poor quality spline data to true cylinders, planes and edges, which are more easily recognized by downstream applications. Solve difficult geometric issues automatically.

Eliminate Waste

Spot all changes between revisions, whether the customer notified you or not, and validate against the original customer file to the precision you specify.

Solutions With Transmagic

If you’re a Transmagic user in India who hasn’t heard from us yet, do drop us a line.


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