Pointwise glyph scripts

Glyph is a great way to get more out of Pointwise. The scripts provided by Pointwise are excellent: both to make you more productive (for instance, we strongly recommend you make Block-Diagnose a standard part of your simulation-documentation) and to look for examples of different API functions. We use several smaller Glyph utilitities in our training sessions. Intended to illustrate, these are more verbose and – we think – easier to understand if you’re not an expert programmer.
  1. myAngleBetween3Points.glf.tcl: measure the angle between any 3 points
  2. myBlocksSegOnExamine.tcl: isolate blocks that meet a quality metric
  3. myCenterOfCircleThreePoints.glf: draw a circle using any 3 points
  4. myCheckModelSize.glf.tcl: check the Model Size setting
  5. myConGetConnected.glf.tcl: list all connectors that share a node with the one(s) selected
  6. myConListDimAndDist.glf.tcl: list the dimension-and-distribution-function details for selected connectors
  7. myConWhereUsed.glf.tcl: a where-used report – list the domains that use selected connectors
  8. myDomGetFirstCon.glf.tcl: helps diagnose why connectors can’t be joined
  9. myDomListAlgorithm.glf.tcl: check what grid generation algorithm was used
  10. myDomsSegOnExamine.tcl: isolate domains that meet a quality metric
  11. myDomWhereUsed.glf: a where-used report – list the blocks that use selected domains
  12. myJoinCtrsDelBrkpts.glf: join selected connectors and remove breakpoints (if you’re using V18 you won’t need this)
  13. myListCtrsOfDomain.glf.tcl: list the connectors that define selected domains
  14. myQuiltGetModel.glf.tcl: get a parent-Model report for quilts
  15. myReportMaxAndMinAll.tcl: list the max and min metrics for all items
  16. myReportMaxAndMinSelected.tcl: list the max and min metrics for selected items
  17. mySegregateByBCs.glf.tcl: segregate domains by BCs
  18. mySegregateQuiltsByColor.glf.tcl: segregate quilts by color
  19. mySortImportedModels.glf.tcl: sort all imported models to different layers
  20. myImportMultipleFiles.glf.tcl: import multiple database files at one go
If you’re a Pointwise user in India who hasn’t heard from us yet, do drop us a line.

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