Programming languages for the CAE user

Automating your CFD processes one step at a time

Comparing Python to Other Languages is a good way to launch this series on Automation. “[T]he choice of a programming language is often dictated by other real-world constraints such as cost, availability, training, and prior investment, or even emotional attachment.” Read the article to learn why these very constraints are sometimes best ignored!

In the next issue on this topic: the Python server.

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Structured Grids are here to stay

Hard to work with but a mainstay in CFD

This article from 2013 outlines the great breadth of capability Pointwise offers in its structured grid generation methods and introduces key terms and concepts. The introduction to Algebraic, Elliptic and Extrusion methods is good preparation for the subsequent updates on this topic.

In the next issue on this topic: initialising and smoothing structured grids.

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Visualizing transient results

Useful, but the fine print is important

The Vizworld image illustrates why viewing 4D data in a 3D world can be a challenge. Streamlines, particle paths and streaklines provide detailed information about the vector direction and magnitude in localized regions without all the clutter of many other vector-field visualization methods. This white paper discusses their differences, and how and when to use them.

In the next issue on this topic: Q&A on visualization for unsteady analyses.

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