Learning the how of Thonny

"Learning to program is hard."

Thonny is easier than many other debuggers, but all this means is that the time to learn it is relatively low. Learn it you must. This is a good resource if you prefer to read-and-learn, while this course is useful if you prefer videos.

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GeomToMesh: reduce repetitive and tedious tasks

Side-effect: a more consistent application of best practices

For a typical aircraft geometry, this script can reduce meshing time from up to 15 hours to one or two, and time spent on manual input from 12 hours to a few minutes. Automation also ensures a more consistent application of best practices for higher quality results. Added bonus: hear the lead developer discuss the details.

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Extract boundary layer values with Tecplot

PyTecplot vs. Macros: efficiency, efficiency, efficiency

With Tecplot you can use iso-surfaces to estimate boundary layer thickness, but what if you want to plot a field variable against the distance from a wall? The procedure involves finding the normal, calculating distances along it, extracting the variable at these distances, then creating a plot. Python is much more efficient than a macro for such computations, as discussed here.

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