Debugging environments for CAE

Vicious or virtuous?

Donald Knuth said "When I'm writing a program, I approach it as if I were writing a short story. It doesn't take me longer, because the time I spend on organization is more than made up for in time saved debugging". Can mere mortals afford to skip what Knuth paid attention to? If you're using print statements to test your code, read this brief article to see what you could be doing instead. Lots of programmers are not fans of debugging environments, but for the CAE engineer who's not a professional programmer, they can be a godsend.

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Pointwise Automation Resources

Imitation doesn't just flatter: it saves time

Pointwise's philosophy of automated-over-automatic means small snippets of code can punch well above their weight. The repositories at Github should be an integral part of your grid generation toolkit. Go here for code samples that're intended more for learning the Pointwise API. Use these resources together with the user manual and online documentation to get started - and don't hesitate to ask for a training session!

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Tecplot Automation Resources

Standing on the shoulders of examples

Tecplot's Github repository should certainly be on your list of references for both Macros and Python scripts. But so should an often overlooked source: the examples that are a part of your Tecplot installation. The "pytecplot" folder contains fully functional, well-documented code that can boost your productivity in more ways than one. Don't forget to bookmark the Knowledge Base too.

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