Abacus models

These ready-to-use Abaqus/CAE models are for your reference. For step-by-step instructions on how to construct them, and for a discussion on the background for each, see the series Getting Started with Abaqus – available on the Kindle.

Not all the models are relevant to the Workbooks that have been released so far: some relate to subsequent Workbooks, which should be out soon. To receive a notification of new releases (or of new editions), either check Amazon or contact us and we’ll email you.

  1. Assembly model
  2. Assembly model for linear, static analysis
  3. Thermal analysis – temperature boundary conditions
  4. Thermal analysis – convection boundary conditions
  5. Thermal analysis – flux boundary conditions
  6. Linear, steady-state thermo-mechanical analysis
  7. Contact analysis – unrestrained
  8. Contact analysis – restrained
  9. Analysis after yield – plasticity
  10. Mode shape extraction
  11. Transient analysis using implicit analysis – slow loading
  12. Transient analysis using explicit analysis – slow loading
  13. Transient analysis using implicit analysis – fast loading
  14. Transient analysis using explicit analysis – fast loading

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