Getting Started with Abaqus

(available on the Kindle.)

To use Abaqus, it used to be said, you needed a Master’s Degree in engineering. And to understand the manuals, you needed a Ph.D.

An easy-to-read book for the beginner? As J.P.Morgan may have said, if you had to ask, you weren’t deemed worthy of using the software.

This powerful-and-intimidating image has been getting worn down of late: and it’s this trend that’s addressed by the series Getting Started with Abaqus – which is available on the Kindle.

The set of books is led by a “theory” book, narrated in an easy-to-read, jargon-free style. It introduces the user interface, the file structure, linear-static analyses, mesh generation, thermal and thermo-mechanical analyses, mode shape extraction, material non-linearity, contact and boundary non-linearity, geometric non-linearity and explicit analyses. And provides references for further study.

The series also contains Workbooks to introduce the software itself.

You should consider this series if you’re new to Abaqus. You can be a student, a working engineer or an instructor. If you don’t have access to Abaqus itself, you should consider obtaining the student edition from here.

Will this series help you if you’re new to finite element method itself? Yes, but you should consider reading this free book first.

The “theory” book’s undergoing final editing, and is due for release anytime now.  If you want to know what it contains or if there’s anything you’d like included, drop us a line!

The Workbooks, richly illustrated, consist of

The first and second of these are now available for the Kindle – click on the links above to read more about them, preview them, or to buy them.

The others are coming soon: if you want to know what they contain or if there’s anything you’d like included, drop us a line!

The Workbooks lead you though the construction of several Abaqus models – click here to download Abaqus/CAE models for your reference.

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