"[a]nyone can write a CFD solver before lunchtime, but to write a good mesh generator takes a lifetime": this could well have been written with Pointwise in mind.

If you work in CFD and haven't heard of Gridgen or Pointwise, we recommend you review the wealth of information available here.

If you're familiar with Pointwise, and want to learn what it can do for your specific needs, let us know: we sell and lease the software in India, provide support, provide training, and are willing to look at anything else you need to get your CFD grid-generation humming.

If you're a Pointwise user in India who hasn't heard from us yet, do get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

The Glyph scripts we provide during support or training (apart from these) are here.

The sample models we use for training can be found here.

Go to the Pointwise website for many more models, together with detailed videos explaining how they were made. Applications addressed include Aerospace, Automotive, Turbomachinery, Process Equipment, Marine, and more.

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