Getting Started with Abaqus - Workbook 1: Linear Static Analyses and Basic Mesh Generation

(available on the Kindle.)

Starting off with the finite element method is rarely easy. Neither is starting with Abaqus. Put the 2 together, and what can you do?

What you should do is check out the Getting Started With Abaqus series.

The first of these richly-illustrated Workbooks showed you how to build your first Abaqus model using Abaqus/CAE. This second Workbook, using the same step-by-step explanations so that you can go further on your own, shows you how to look at your model with a critical eye and figure out why, where and how to improve the FE mesh.

Areas covered include

  • a review of the basis for element selection
  • a discussion on files involved in an analysis
  • a walkthrough of the contents of a typical “INP” file
  • the relevance of mesh generation in the modeling-process
  • automatic mesh generation using Abaqus/CAE
  • the interface for mesh-verification methods and metrics
  • evaluation of the quality of an FE solution
  • how to identify regions where the mesh should be improved
  • recommended assignments
  • an overview of advanced mesh-generation

The set of Workbooks cover many of the tasks mechanical engineers are faced with – click here for more on the set, which is designed for engineers faced with learning Abaqus on their own.

Looking for the models referred to in the Workbook? Click here to see all the models. For this Workbook, of course, you’ll only need the first 2.

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